So completely fitting with Freakishly Frugal February, er, or Fabulously Frugal February, I got a free salon haircut!

One benefit, as a person of my demographic, to living in a town much smaller than LA is the improved chances that the person you happen to meet is a local business owner. As luck would have it, one woman I ran into the other night just happens to co-own a hair salon.

Every now and then the owners of La Di Da Salon hire new stylists. As part of the policy in this Aveda salon, the owners require their new hires to progress through a series of basic hairstyles to establish competency. So when I ran into Diana and she asked if I’d like a free haircut I said, “heck, yeah!”

The cuts at this salon start at $50. I’m very happy with the cut, and definitely happy with the price. My experience begs the question, do salons near you have similar training programs?



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