Clean sweep

The 12 days of Christmas ended a week ago today. I figure that means it is certainly time to pack ornaments and decorations and get the tree out of the living room. Holiday cheer was beginning to feel like a house guest who had overstayed his welcome.

While my daughter was at my parents’ house, I filled six bins with stockings, table runners, lights and much more.┬áPacking, cleaning and rearranging furniture took most of the day.

I thought I would be sad to see Christmas and its tree go. Nothing like that cozy glow of holiday lights to warm both room and heart. Yet I was reminded of all the space I would gain when I put the tree out.

So I sent it packing. Goodbye, visiting tree, until next year when I will welcome your return.

One thought on “Clean sweep

  1. I remember as a child, Many, many years ago, I was so sad when it was time to take down the Tree. My parents let me cut off a branch,tinsel & all, wrap it up in newspaper, & save it ! Your story reminded me of that time.

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